Count Buddy

Still doing physical counts using pen and paper?

Count Buddy allows you to go paperless in your cycle count. The solution is designed to work with any warehouse or inventory management system. All you need is an Android device to install the mobile app. It can use the device barcode scanner (fastest) or the camera if using a smartphone.

    How it works

    Easy to get started

    Setup users and item master

    Prepare to use CountBuddy by setting up your users (operators and supervisors) and item master (barcodes, names, unit of measures).

    Install mobile app and start

    Install the mobile app in any Android device. For optimal speed, use a device with a built-in scanner, otherwise you may use the camera to scan the barcodes.

    Monitor counting progress

    Use your dashboard to monitor the progress of your counts in real-time. When done, simply download the results for use in your reconciliation process.

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