Cross-Dock Innovations

The Philippines’only cross-docking solution that is system-guided end-to-end

Flow by FAST takes pride in providing cutting-edge, fully digitalized cross-docking processes in which we work seamlessly along your supply chain to avoid delays and provide faster, more precise distribution to your business.

We have the leader in warehouse system management aboard

Cross-docking at Flow by FAST is made possible with an intelligent system that automatically schedules and assigns deliveries, while also providing real-time tracking. Keep up with the demand with tools like Honeywell and our Transportation Management System (TMS). Avoid missed or incorrect shipments, and monitor everything in real-time.

We let you choose your date of delivery

The Flow fixed-date schedule ensures that you never run out of shelf stock. you can be sure that your packages will arrive when and where you need them. Deliveries are made reliable on the back of FAST’s modern fleet, the largest in the Philippines, deployed in Fixed Delivery Schedules (FDS).

We offer cost-effective flexibility better than any other provider

We have an alternative default truck rate and pay per CBM or per case scheme. Flow by FAST can offer cost-effective flexibility better than any other provider Rest assured that you are only charged for what needs to be delivered

The Flow by FAST Cross-Docking Process

1. Arrival of stocks

2. Checking of stocks

3. Unloading of stocks

4. Uploading of Posts-Alerts in Honeywell WMS System

5. Receiving in RF Honeywell WMS

6. Putaway of goods in a common location

7. Uploading of SO in Honeywetll WMS

8. Allocation of stocks

9. Creation of Wave Plan

10. Picking of stocks

11.Shipment checking

12. Shipment load details

13. Standard loading

14. Dispatching of truck

Flow by FAST

Flow by FAST aims to improve your supply chain management by reducing costs, boosting efficiency, and giving you more control over your delivery.

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