What are the terms of shipment?

Your shipment is accepted subject to the terms and conditions stated as follows:

Fastcargo reserves the right to inspect or open your shipment for any valid reason either after acceptance of shipment or prior to further transport, or to reject the shipment when deemed necessary, or as prohibited by law, or failure to comply with regulations.

Fastcargo cannot be held liable for any delays, losses or damages due to incomplete, inaccurate or false documentation of pertinent data, or failure to comply with the law and regulation.

How do I file a claim?

Any claim must be made in writing/email/fax to the place of issuance at the nearest Fastcargo office within three (3) days after upon receipt of shipments. If approved for reimbursement payment for claims shall be limited only to the following:

  • Documents – 50% of the total freight charge
  • Lost cargo – Declared Value plus Freight charges
  • Missing Items Upon Delivery and Damages (Cargo)

= (Declared Value / Number of Items in Box Based on Packing List) * Number of Missing / Damaged Items

 Are there restrictions on the items to ship? if yes, what are these?

There are different guidelines for sea or air transport. Please see refer to the following:

Where are your branches?

You may check our branch list.