Tracking System for Container Vehicles

From cargo checking and document verification to actual monitoring; you have real-time visibility of our trucks every step of the way

Our Tracking Systems for Container Vehicles provide real-time,and up-to-date data on shipments from origin to destination, helping our team to give you the assurance that your cargo is in safe hands and securely arrive where they need to be.

Using one of the most competitive tracking devices in the Philippines, we provide our partners with state-of-the art technology, and timely technical support and assistance.

FAST uses iLook8’s Technologies’
JT707A GPS Electronic Seal Tracker, an innovative device that offers powerful tracking and security solutions. It’s equipped with a powerful inbuilt GPS and GSM module, allowing real-time monitoring and global locating capabilities. Its IP67 waterproof rating makes this device ideal for outdoor use, while the replaceable seal cable ensures asset safety.

How we get ready to track
our Container Vehicles

Our tracking system
safeguards your
shipments. Here's how:

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