Sales Force

The only sales force management tool that is created by users, for users, with local businesses in mind

Sales Force Automation (SFA) by FAST is designed to provide you with advanced analytics,
real-time data access, and seamless management of your sales team. Developed by the Philippines’ leading company in selling distribution solutions for global and local brands, this software not only streamlines your processes but also taps into local insights, aligning perfectly with the unique needs of businesses in the Philippines.

SFA by FAST is equipped with GPS and a customizable store-locking feature. This ensures that the salesman is physically within the designated radius, thus safeguarding the integrity of store databases and legitimizing sales.

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The largest brands in the country are utilizing SFA by FAST for selling and distribution

Well-known brands rely on SFA by FAST for effective management of their extensive sales force. This user-friendly solution provides local data and essential features for sales force management, even in remote areas of the Philippines.

SFA by FAST offers unmatched localized features such as:

GPS geo-tagging
and store-locking

sales update

Maps can be
accessed without
an internet

Salesmen activity

How does SFA by FAST help you get ahead?

Tailored to harness the full potential of the Philippine geographical landscape, our approach guarantees comprehensive coverage of local sales force management concerns, even for those going to traditional and modern trade.

Get access to real-time data on the daily activities of your sales team. Identify areas for improvement or expansion opportunities with customized reports and the SFA by FAST dashboard live view.

Monitor the daily performance of each member of your sales team. Minimize operational downtime.

The SFA real-time dashboard empowers you to seamlessly analyze incoming data and evaluate sales coverage through digital mapping. Here’s how:

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