Voice-Activated Picking SOlution

Optimizing current processes one voice command at a time

Voice Pick by FAST is a pick-by-voice solution powered by Honeywell™. This solution allows you to quickly and accurately pick orders from your warehouse, distribution center, and the like using voice commands. It eliminates paperwork, streamlines order picking processes, reduces errors and can generate real-time reports on inventory status.

Regardless of your company’s size, product or processes, wherever voice can be guided; from dock to stock in busy distribution centers, to inspection and maintenance procedures for business assets in transportation and manufacturing to omnichannel retail fulfillment.

Voice Pick by FAST uses the Honeywell SRX3 Wireless Headset, a device that features next-generation Bluetooth® wireless headset technology and Android platform support to ensure seamless compatibility in operations. 


This intelligent wireless headset showcases Honeywell SoundSense™ technology, which utilizes additional microphones to identify and minimize interference by up to 50%. This innovation diminishes irrelevant sounds while rendering high-quality acoustic sampling for enhanced audio clarity.


The SRX3 Wireless Headset’s exceptional speech recognition technology and flexible configurations enable mobile workforce to succeed in a wide range of industrial applications, as well as in demanding warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment environments.

How does
help you get ahead?

Faster picking time since employees can concentrate on their work without having to regularly stop to take instructions or update systems.

Eliminate paper-based systems and reduce costs associated with printing, filing, and storing paperwork.

Reduced training time and onboarding costs.

Improved inventory accuracy and reduced shrinkage with real-time insights into order picking processes.

Increased employee safety since workers are not required to carry around a device or paper instructions while working.

Stay organized and efficient while ensuring the accuracy of your pick. Here’s how:

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